What is Dubai?


Embracing heritage with a blend of modernity

Dubai’s culture is deeply rooted in Arabic and Islamic tradition. The city cherishes its heritage and history, combining the traditional values of the East with the advancements of the West. Dubai’s society places a strong emphasis on family as the cornerstone of community life, and the principles of Islam influence various aspects of everyday living. Despite its progressive nature, Dubai remains socially conservative and respects its Arab identity and culture.


Open to diversity, fostering global innovation and harmony

Dubai has gained recognition for its tolerant outlook. Openness to new ideas and diverse perspectives has transformed the city into a global hub for innovation, tourism, and business. The atmosphere of open-mindedness fosters a supportive environment where individuals feel encouraged to explore their passions and talents. Dubai’s pragmatic and open attitude has attracted numerous international companies, thanks to its commitment to global standards and governance.


Redefining luxury through impeccable style and elegance

Dubai exudes style and charisma, combining sophistication with charm. The city has redefined luxury with its magnificent hotels, acclaimed restaurants, and reputation as an international shopping destination. It offers an open environment for professionals and entrepreneurs to thrive, with world-class infrastructure and a government committed to fostering innovation. Whether for tourists or residents, Dubai ensures the finest services, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite experiences.


A vibrant city where possibilities come to life

Dubai radiates an aura of vitality and an adventurous spirit. Its people embody optimism, innovation, and a relentless drive to explore new possibilities. Visitors are captivated by the endless excitement and opportunities the city offers. Artists, entrepreneurs, and engineers flock to Dubai, seeking inspiration and fresh perspectives. The entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped Dubai since its early days as a pearl diving center continues to drive its growth and success.


Cultural melting pot promoting collaboration, understanding, and growth

Dubai aims to unite the best in people, creating a harmonious blend of cultures and perspectives. With over 150 nationalities, Dubai is a vibrant melting pot that promotes interaction, idea-sharing, innovation, and business collaborations. The city values the coexistence of tradition and modernity, recognizing the mutual enrichment that arises from cultural exchange. Respect for diverse values and cultures is deeply ingrained in Dubai’s residents, fostering a spirit of tolerance.


Exemplary hospitality reflecting Arabian traditions of warmth and kindness

Hospitality lies at the core of Dubai’s identity, influenced by Arabian culture and history. Traditionally, Arab hospitality extended generous welcome and support to travelers in the desert. Dubai has carried this tradition forward, offering warmth, compassion, and tolerance to traders and visitors from around the world. The city’s approach to foreign affairs reflects its commitment to openness and acceptance.


Pioneering progress, shaping the future with forward-thinking initiatives

Dubai has always been forward-thinking and future-oriented. Its leadership and people have fostered an environment where achieving the impossible is embraced. The vision and perseverance of Dubai’s pioneers transformed it from a small fishing community into a global commercial capital. This visionary mindset can be seen in the Emirate’s continuous investments in technology, infrastructure, government services, and security.


Upholding dignity and respect, celebrating cultural identity with pride

Dignity is a fundamental aspect of Dubai’s culture. The city encourages its residents to behave with humility, courtesy, and self-respect. Dubai values personal conduct, and individuals are expected to uphold their dignity and treat others with respect. The importance of treating everyone with dignity, regardless of their background, is deeply ingrained in Arabian tradition and reflected in Dubai’s culture and laws. The city strives to maintain the highest standards of respect for all individuals.