Ramadan glossary

Terms definitions about Islam and the various religious celebrations in Dubai in the Ramadan glossary.

Adhan – call to prayer.
Allah – God.
Asr – mid-afternoon prayer.
Dhuhur – mid-day prayer.
Eid Al Adha (Day of Sacrifice) – a 4 day festival that starts about 70 days after the end of Ramadan, commemorating Abraham being ready to sacrifice his son.
Eid Al Fitr – a festival at the end of Ramadan (the first three days of the month of Shawwal) to celebrate the completion of the month of fasting.
Eid Mubarak – congratulations at the start of Eid.
Fajr (dawn) – the first prayer of the day, at dawn.
Fawanees – colourful lanterns used to decorate Iftar tents, the tradition originates in Cairo, Egypt, when residents walked out to the streets with lamps to welcome a new Fatimid ruler on the 5th day of Ramadan in the 9th century.
Iftar – the evening meal after sunset to break the daily fast during Ramadan.
Imam – an Islamic religious leader.
Imsak – beginning the daily fast, means the act rather than the time.
Isha – evening prayer, the fifth and last prayer of the day.
Kabaa – the black granite building inside the Grand Mosque in Mecca, regarded as the holiest place in Islam.
Laylat Al Qadr (Night of Power) – one of the last nights of Ramadan, marking the anniversary of when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) by the Angel Gabriel.
Maghreb – sunset prayer.
Manara – minaret.
Qibla – the direction of the Ka’ba in Mecca.
Quran – the holy book for Islam, first revealed during Lailat Al Qadr. Muslims recite the entire Quran during Ramadan.
Rak’ah – the cycle of standing, bowing, prostration and recitation that make up a unit of prayer. Each of the five daily prayer sessions consists of 2-4 Rakat (Raka’at) (plural of Rak’ah).
Ramadan Kareem – Ramadan greetings (Kareem equivalent to “generous”), more common than …
Ramadan Mubarak – Ramadan greetings (Mubarak equivalent to “blessings”). Less common in Egypt, something to do with a gentleman called Hosni.
Salah – praying.
Salat Al Jama’a – communal prayers.
Sawm – abstinence or fasting.
Suhoor – the morning meal taken before the sun rises and the start of fasting during Ramadan.
Shurooq – early morning prayer.
Sunnah – the way of the Prophet, meaning to follow his words and actions. Literally can be taken to mean custom, practice, or recommended.
Taraweeh prayers – special evening prayers during Ramadan, after Isha, when the Quran is recited.
Wudu – cleansing of the body when preparing for prayer.
Zakat – giving alms. It is especially important for Muslims to give Zakat during Ramadan.